Papuaz app – authentic travel experiences
via connection tourists with locals

What we do

Papuaz app stores data about 10,000+ locations and activities provdided by local people in Asia, Latin America and Europe.

Travellers can arrange activities with locals (e.g. fishing in canoe, cooking of traditional cuisine, meditation with monks, etc) and see the culture and the country from the inside.

Our mission

Is to erase cultural misunderstandings and to save the Earth with charity programms.

People from different cultures can share their lifestyle in common activities around the world.

More users we have – more money we donate to protect rainforests, oceans and polar inhabitants.

How it works

Locals provide activities to travellers (e.g. fishing, cooking, classes, etc).

Explorers (travel bloggers and ambassadors) check the quality and add locations.

Travellers discover locations (for free) and pay locals for activities.